With the RunOff Season coming to a close for 2016, we start to organise extended trips to and from Darwin.

This is when our Tag A Long Mothership Option starts to take off.  We had a really nice article published in the recent Northern Australian Fishing Magazine dated June 2016.

It has become a very popular option where by you can hire our Mothership for so many days and bring your own tinnies along to fish from using our Mothership as your home away from home.

The article in the Mag is of recent trip we did to Arnhem land area of the Oxley Islands, for a group of fellas from the local fly fishing club, they had a really great time, hassle free and air conditioned comfortable accommodation for whilst they were away.

Scott even anchored the Mothership on a reef so they could have a fish when they got back from fishing in there tinnies.  Which the Mothership crew appreciated!If your interested in something like this or an extended liveaboard fishing charternorthern fish finder, just give us a call anytime or email happy to send out information and pricing, which some is already on the website.