Fishing Charters in Darwin, NT

Humbug Fishing Charters specialise in providing tailored fishing charters across NT and Kimberley.

Our Fishing Charter Options

Dive straight into the best fishing locations around the Northern Territory by choosing one of our most popular fishing charter options. All our charters can be tailored to your needs!

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The best fishing charters in Australia's Northern Territory

Are you looking for a fishing experience like no other?

The Northern Territory offers one of the best fishing adventures in the world. Thanks to its abundance of stunning natural beauty and spectacular waterways, fishing has fast become the ‘must-do’ activity while in the NT.

We understand this beautiful place is also large and vast! With a number of excellent fishing spots, accessed only by boat, it can become a confusing space to navigate for any visitor or local. Humbug Fishing provides an exciting solution. During your visit to the Northern Territory, you can hop onto any of our tailored fishing charters.

Fishing charters tailored exclusively to you

Fishing in the Top End is a very special experience. Each of you will have your own specific hopes and dreams of the adventure. You might love coastal fishing, run-off fishing, fishing the Top End coast, or fishing the Daly River.

To create your own Humbug Fishing adventure, you simply need to tell us what your goals and expectations are, and we will organise a trip tailored exclusively to you. This ability is unique to our Fishing Charter.

Extended Live Aboard Fishing Charters

The best way to experience extreme remote fishing is on your own outback fishing adventure. Contact us at Humbug Fishing and we’ll help you work out a trip that suits you! Whether you fly to our Mothership Brute Force in the Catalina float plane, land on the water, and hop straight into Brute Force, or cruise from Darwin, you can fish the top end from The Kimberley to Darwin and everywhere in between. With our Live Aboard Fishing Charters you get to fish as nature intended, except you’ll have access to ice cold beer, air conditioning, and great food!

Fish, Fish, Everywhere!

There is an extensive range of fish you can find in the NT. We are only scratching the surface when naming the following:

  • Feisty Spanish Mackerel
  • Black Jewfish
  • Red Emperor
  • Beautiful Golden Snapper
  • Coral Trout
  • And the star of the show, NT Barramundi

Take a look at our individual fishing charters to see more extensive lists on each area.

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