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Here are our favourite fishing spots in the Top End

Wondering where you show fishing in the Top End of the Northern Territory and Western Australia?

Well, you’ve landed on the right spot because Humbug Fishing has been taking anglers to the best spots, including the hard-to-get-to spots for 25+ years.

Take a look below for some of the details about our favourite fishing spots to go in and around the NT.

Daly River

Moyle River

Shady Camp

Fitzmaurice River

Timor Box

The Kimberleys


Daly River Fishing

The Daly River is one of the most popular barramundi fishing spots. The river is famous for its spectacular runoff fishing March til May, but produces barramundi year round. It is the Northern Territory’s premier barramundi river.

The river is a 2.5-hour drive south of Darwin. Or we can organise the Catalina for a quick, scenic flight to meet you on the water.

The river has snags, sandbars, S-bends, creeks and rock bars spread over 40 km from the Daly River crossing to where it flows into Anson Bay. Anson Bay and the associated coastal floodplains, includes the Peron Islands, the tidal flats along the coastline of Anson Bay, and the three adjoining coastal floodplains associated with the Daly and Reynolds rivers and Docherty’s Creek.

The Daly-Reynolds floodplain system is one of the largest floodplains in the Northern Territory and has the largest catchment of any major freshwater floodplain system in the Northern Territory.

The trip down the river, the 12 Anson Creeks, and then you get to capture the wildlife and the great fishing, barra, reef and pelagic.

Moyle River Fishing

The Moyle Rivers consist of two river systems Little Moyle River and the Moyle River which are located roughly 200km south-west of Darwin.

The Mouth of the moyle is great remote fishing.

At the right time of the year you can access the flood plain and see bird life as far as the eye can see.

Generally fishes all year round and is spectacular up on the flood plain.

Shady Camp Fishing

Located in Mary River National Park, the famous Shady Camp is located approximately 200km from Darwin and takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes by car (4WD only during the wet).

Two main rivers to choose from are the Sampan and Tommycut.

This is a popular fishing destination during the “run-off” between March-May each year, when the Mary River is teeming with the legendary barramundi, and also plenty of crocs.


Timor Box – Deep Sea Fishing

This is one of favourite fishing spots for Remote and NT Deep sea fishing.

Seasonally with a few shoals that hold deep water fish, ruby snapper and gold band snapper just to name a few.

On the shoals, mackerel, dogfish tuna etc.

On top of shoals all combination of trout through to coral trout.

The Kimberley

The West Kimberley is renowned for its dramatic and beautiful landscapes, including the towering cliffs, rocky headlands, sandy beaches, natural rivers, spectacular waterfalls and thousands of islands off the remote sandstone coast.

The Kimberley’s huge size, small population, remoteness and general lack of road access to the coast and rivers have protected fish stocks from overexploitation.

Here you’ll find some of Australia’s best sport fishing, with the diversity of fish habitats – coral reefs, blue water, mangrove inlets, estuaries, freshwater streams, sand flats and headlands. Visit Kimberley Fishing charters for more information about our Kimberley fishing tour.


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