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Here are tales about fishing the Top End

Tag A Long Fishing Charters. Do It Easy

The Latest Charter for Humbug Fishing was a Tag A Long Charter.  The fellas enjoyed a relaxing trip out to New Year Island Cobourg Peninsula, having drinks and chatting on the back deck.  Scott craned 2 boats on the deck and towed 2 boats behind Brute Force. They had...

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Timor Box, Crazy fun

Just a couple of photos of the crew that went out to Tmor Box.  They were definately out for fun times, and that exactly what they had.  Scott really enjoyed their company, so thankyou Kel and crew for booking with Humbug

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Timor Box awesome fish

Scott took his first ever trip out to Timor Box and what a awesome trip it was, apart from the first night on the way out the weather was perfect.  The boys took their own boat and a jetski that Scott craned onto the back deck for them, so they could get a good look...

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Massive Gt for Paige our Decky

Our lovely Decky Paige was out fishing over the weekend at our Cobourg Peninsula areas with her partner Bryce and they managed to catch this massive GT. Gave the plenty of work trying to get it in the boat, but in great teamwork they managed. It towed them out 2.5NM...

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Dockerty’s at the Daly River still doing well in June

We recently did a family trip at the end of the Run Off Season to the Daly River Region. The weather was quite windy being June, so we hugged into Dockerty's creek for most of the day and what a good day it became.  We caught 20 odd Barramundi whilst in there, from...

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Reef Fish on a Live Aboard

A great group of mates from Victoria who coming fishing with Humbug every year, enjoyed an awesome week of fishing early May at the Daly River Mouth. Fishing the Perons, Cape Ford, Cape Scott and the Top End Creeks of the Daly, the reef and Barra were fighting. Long...

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Live Aboard Fishing, beautiful evenings

Nearing the end of the Run Off Season, but still managed to catch some great barra. Adam from Victoria made the annual fishing trip up to Darwin  with a great group of mates to fish with Scott again for another year and they did really well, catching a swag of barra...

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Fish of a Lifetime

I know WOW, what a fish. This was caught by David from Victoria on the same 50th Birthday trip as the last post.  What a great Barra, it was also caught at the Daly River Mouth area on a Reidy's B52.  Took a few minutes to get in, but he was rapt. And yes it swam away...

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Smashing Big Barra in the Top End

A recent trip to Darwin for a 50th Birthday Bash saw some amazing barra caught. Mainly on Reidy's B52's.  Saw over 5 meteries caught in 4 days at the Mouth of the Daly River. The boys were battered and bruised from fighting the huge fish but loved every minute of it....

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