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Here are tales about fishing the Top End

Parrot fish or Blue Bone Yum to Eat

How's this big Blue Bone fish also called Parrot fish, caught at the Daly Region this RunOff ? Not just barra during the runoff, all sorts of fish are targetted and caught. Humbug Fishing can take you fishing all year round all over the Top End Coast so get in contact...

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All Girls Fishing Charter in Darwin

Last Month Humbug Fishing had it's first ever all girl fishing charter.  We had 8 awesome ladies experience our 4 day Liveaboard Fishing Charter and the Daly River Mouth for the Barramundi RunOff Season.  We had our 2 lady Guides, Paige and Jen out there guiding the...

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Bryce's Easter Friday Fish, it measured 106cm, caught in the gravy drain area at the mouth of the Daly River. Sorry we missed it's tail in the photo, but it's a beauty, and it swum off to be caught another day!

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Cyclone Marcus at the Daly River Mouth

A Quick snap shot of what it was like on Brute Force whilst Cyclone Marcus wizzed past.  The Mothership was on anchor in the river at this time, as you can see it the conditions got interesting.  We now know that Brute Force can fit in Millers Creek, if we are...

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Darwin to the Kimberley Fishing Charters

Just a lovely relaxing photo of Humbug Fishing's, 6.5 mtr tenders anchored up for lunch along the way to the Kimberley from Darwin.  Time to stretch the legs and enjoy a flick from the land or a casual walk along the pristine beaches. Humbug Fishing usually runs these...

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2018 RunOff Season begins for Humbug Fishing

Well it all begins again! 2018 RunOff Season. Brute Force and the boys are ready to go. Just finished fuelling the beast. Hope those who’ve booked have an awesome time and those who haven’t where the bloody hell are ya! We will be at Daly River Mouth until Mid May at...

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Humbug Fishing GIrls Trips Away Territory Style

|| Girl Guides -Territory Style || So it’s official .. both Paige AND Jen (Our LadyBug) have BOTH now REGISTERED as Fishing Guides 👏🏼👏🏼 These girls are both long time Darwin locals and bloody know their stuff ! Check out a couple of...

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