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Why book our tailored Fishing Tour?

 If you want to go fishing remotely, escape the crowds and capture the sights of the pristine coast of the Northern Territory, look no further. We offer a wide range of fishing tours that can be tailored to you and your group.

The Humbug Fishing tours delivers amazing fishing adventures based on your goals and expectations for the trip. We are big believers in creating a journey based on what you and your group are looking for.

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Fishing is a passion and to live out your dreams, we need to know your goals for the trip. A personalised Fishing tour puts you in the driving seat, guided by experts all the way.

With fishing we believe it’s all or nothing.

To create an unforgettable trip, you need to fully immerse yourself in all the Territory is offering. Find the best spots that fit your requirements; feel comfortable and content at the end of a long successful day; and don’t worry about who is making dinner or if there’s enough food for the rest of the trip.

Our fishing tours are like no other because we focus them around you.

Such an amazing week out on the water with Scotty and the crew! Big catches, lovely scenery, perfect accommodation, great way to spend a week out fishing! Keep up the lovely work!


Our Charter Options

1. Extended Live-aboard Fishing Charters

Do you want to immerse yourself in the best of Northern Territory fishing? We specialise in group bookings of 8 people, with a minimum of 5 days away. Click here to find out more about our Extended Live-aboard Fishing Charters.

2. Tag Along With The Mothership

Get more use out of your boat in Darwin, by motoring to where the fishing is good and then mooring next to our Mothership each night for food and a comfortable end to each day. Beats just putting around the Darwin area. Click to learn how you can Tag Along With The Mothership.

3. Fish The Kimberleys

Whether we help you get to The Kimberleys by air or by water, this beautiful remote region will take your breath away. It’s a fishing experience like no other. Nothing will ever beat the silence, the sun, the colours, especially knowing that great fishing is waiting for you after breakfast! Read more about how we can help you Fish The Kimberleys.

4. Guided Fishing at Shady Camp

A perfect spot for those of you keen to hook a barramundi; Shady Camp boasts an abundance of fish during the run-off. An ideal place for those of you keen on getting back to nature, this area is teeming with wildlife, from exotic birds to saltwater crocs. 

5. Guided Fishing at Daly River Mouth

Daly River is coveted for being one of the best fishing spots in the Darwin. The Mouth of Daly River is a spectacle to see, and leaves you in awe of its sheer size and grandeur.

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