Best Spot to go fishing and catch Barramundi in the NT.

Scott from Humbug Fishing Charters with some quick and easy tips to find the best spots and catch that iconic silver saltwater Barramundi in NT.

The Best spot for a chance to catch Barramundi in and around Darwin and the NT is the coastal creeks. Coastal creeks work well on big tides.

Run Off season is your best time of year to go barramundi fishing in Darwin. Run Off Season is mid Feb til mid May, but this depends very much on what our previous wet season. If Darwin and the Top End has plenty of rain, this produces a good wet season. Barra can be caught all year round, but you chances increase greatly during Run Off season.

Trolling or casting for Barra depends on the coastal creek your fishing in, generally troll the run in and cast the run out.

Reidy’s lures is our favorite choice, you can get them most fishing tackle shops, Craig’s Fishing Warehouse, is a great stockist of all fishing gear. We like to use Reidy’s B52’s as our first choice. Mix up your colours depending on what the barra are chasing. Humbug Fishing generally use anything green.

A setup for barramundi fishing in Darwin – typical barra combo, ask your tackle shop, they’ll set you up with a good combo.

Action for when casting, make the lure act like a wounded bait fish, twitching and jigging the lure. When trolling the lure works itself, but jigging the rod does help. In the final stages of landing a barra, keep the rod low and don’t hit the boat with your line or rod!

Four people trolling in the tender at the same time is all good, two anglers at the back of the boat, lines out over the motor or motors in our case and the other two at 90 angle from the boat. Let out about 30-50m. A vibrating rod means the lure is working for you. We like to troll around 5-8kph.

Good Luck and tight lines! If your not sure where to go or how to do it, Humbug Fishing can help.

Darwin Barramundi Fishing, with Humbug Fishing during the RunOff Season.

Darwin Barramundi Fishing, with Humbug Fishing during the RunOff Season.