Fishing Charters in Darwin.

Humbug Fishing offers both Barramundi and Reef fishing charters in Darwin. Depending on what you want to do is how we organise the charter, so an email or a chat with Scott and we can get organised. We offer Extended Liveaboard Fishing Charters from Darwin, we also offer Tag A Long fishing charters, where you can fish from your own boat and we cater for you with our Mothership, with meals of without meals. If you want to self cater that’s no worries, but if you want an even more relaxed trip, we can cater for you. Come and enjoy Barramundi and reef fishing in Darwin.

During the Run Off Season, late Feb til May, then again late in the year when the waters heat up and the weather! Some groups mainly want to target Barramundi, that’s fine but if you want to mix it up on the off tides during your charter we can head out front and chase some reef and pelagics. Humbug Fishing generally fishes around the Daly River Mouth and Moyle Rivers during Run Off Season for Barra and Cobourg Peninsula Area later in the year, but it’s really up to you what you’d like to do and go. All you have to bring is yourself, your mates and order your beers we will do the rest.

Humbug Fishing also has other fishing charters available to various remote locations, all with the same great, laid back and friendly service. Check us out on facebook or instagram if your into those and want to see some awesome fish caught and amazing scenery.

Feel free to give us a call or email anytime to talk about working out a fishing charter in Darwin for you and your mates.