Barramundi RunOff Season, usually March/April and May, but depends majority on the rains we have over the wet season in the Top End. The barra that are still up on the plains or in the channels get washed down and move out before the water levels get too low. The Iconic Daly River and it’s creek mouths are one of the main rivers where this action happens. Bait fish by the millions are flushed down with the water flow, and the barra will be there waiting for them. The Barra go into a feeding frenzy. The weather heats up, the humidity is high, it’s hot for the human’s but the water temp is perfect for the barra!

Humbug Fishing has a varied array of lures to cast at these magnificent fish, some of the crews favorites include Reidy’s B52’s, cyrponite and firecracker, also Reidy’s Vibes, they also go well on the reef and pelagics. But as you know we supply all the tackle you need, but your welcome to bring your own along for a try. You never one what ones they are working for each season, so when you do, you’ll have to beat Scotty and the crew to the tackle shop! ( I always get an excited satphone call from the Mothership telling me to go get blah blab lure, gets lots of em! and colour and size and get here asap lol). For the off tides to the barra, during your stay, if you want Humbug tenders head out the mouth and targets the reef and pelagics…. also plenty of time to check the mudcrabs pots! But it’s all up to you, how your like your charter to run. Just chat with Scott and see what’s biting, what happening to make your trip the best you can have.

Don’t be deterred by the hot weather cause the bonus of landing a silver saltwater barra far outways the weather conditions on the surface, Humbug Fishing will have you rehydrated with your favorite drink from the ice cold fridges on board and then there’s aways the aircond accommodation back on the mothership Brute Force waiting for you!


RunOff Barra, the best time of year to land a beautiful silver barra