Mudcrabs in Darwin are delicious and part of most Humbug Fishing Charters.

When the seasons right for right for mudcrabs, Humbug Fishing has the pots on board. It always met with great laughs, excitement, apprehension and sometimes pain! at the end of the day when pulling the pots in to see what you’ve got. There’s not much better then sitting on the back deck (we call it the beer garden) on Brute Force Mothership having a few drinks and smashing into delicious freshly cooked muddies.

If you choose a Tag A Long fishing charter with Humbug your welcome to bring all you gear including mudcrab pots and give them a go. Scott and crew have some good spots already but always great to try new ground.

Humbug Fishing a variety of different charter option there sure one there to suit your mate, give Scott a call anytime to chat about them